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Pin-spired – What’s Next?

I’m going to give a new project a shot this week – I’m combining my Pinterest find with a pillow I saw with my mom a few months ago. Make it blue and voila! A beautiful addition to our bedroom.

Here’s the Pin I found about 2 weeks ago or so:

Here is a photo of the pillow:

I’m going to make the entire front out of felt (I bought 3 different shades of blue) – I think its going to look awesome!


Rocks are a hit!

Well, Matthew has really taken a liking to the alphabet rocks & box that I made for him. In fact, they have provided hours of entertainment all weekend! The new favorite game these days is taking the rocks out of the box (dumping them out rather) and then separating them into various containers:

Now I know my silly craft projects are giving Matthew something fun to play with (and hopefully learn from as we’ve been enjoying counting the rocks and trying to identify the letters) I’m even more inspired to take my crafting to another level. Bring it on Hobby Lobby…. 🙂

Pin-spired! Mod Podge Boxes

Technically this project was not inspired by Pinterest, HOWEVER, the alphabet rocks I made for Matthew needed a nice home, and while we were at Hobby Lobby Matthew did a great job picking out some fun papers & ribbon for his new box. The project only took me a couple hours to complete, so I think I might just make my own boxes this holiday rather than using the “generic” Christmas boxes for my baked goodies.

Overall I think the box turned out great!

Mod-Podge Box Tutorial:

You will need:

Scrapbooking paper (I purchased 2 sheets each of the 4 patterns used and found it to be plenty)
Mod Podge (I used the glossy, but if you prefer matte, by all means…)
Foam brushes
Xacto knife
Cardboard/Paper Mache box (Mine is a 6×6″ cube box)
Felt (I used 3 sheets)

Step 1: Cut strips of paper, of various widths, to weave together for the top portion
Step 2: Weave all of the strips together, alternating colors/patterns as you go (I taped one side down to make it easier)
Step 3: Turn the woven papers upside down, so the white side is facing up. Cover the lid of your box in Mod Podge and press down, at a diagonal, onto the backside of the woven strips.
Step 4: Using your foam brush, coat the top of the box in Mod Podge, carefully folding the edges around the box. You will cover the sides of the lid in ribbon, so the very bottom doesn’t need to look pretty. Cut off any excess paper before the Mod Podge dries in order to keep it as clean as possible.
Step 5: Once the paper has dried, wrap a ribbon around the sides of the lid, using Mod Podge once again to keep it in place. Make sure you use a thick even coat so that the ribbon does not peel off.
(Note: you may consider more than 1 coat on the lid if you see that some of the paper strips are curling, or the ribbon is not completely secure).
Step 6: Measure the inside panels of the box and cut out felt panels to fit. Using Mod Podge on just the back side, fix the felt on the inside of the box (don’t put Mod Podge on the top as it will make the felt sticky and very hard).
Step 7: Measure the outside panels, and cut out pieces of paper to the necessary sizes. On one edge of the paper, measure out an extra 1-1 1/2 inches to allow for the wrap around pieces. On my box, I cut out thin strips, so the panels wrap around one another almost like a puzzle.
Step 8: Using more Mod Podge, glue down the panels on each side of the box, leaving your “excess paper” strips free so that you can wrap them around neatly once all paper has been applied to the box.
Step 9: Wrap the stripes (or whatever design you chose to do) around to the next panel over, giving that wrapped effect over each side.
Step 10: Cover the entire box with Mod Podge, thickly and evenly, and allow to dry completely before use.


P.S. is there an award for a blog post using the word “Mod Podge” the most? 🙂

Alphabet Rocks

Well, this evening I finished project #1: duplicating those cute alphabet rocks I saw on Pinterest. Below is a photo of the finished rocks – the image on the left is from Pinterest and the image on the right are mine (you’ll notice I made a few changes here and there).

I was looking through my craft board on Pinterest to find my next project, but then I realized that it would be nice to have something to put the rocks IN for Matthew. So, I went to Hobby Lobby & got some fun things to make a neat little box. Not sure I’ll have the energy to get started on that tonight, but once its done I’ll share a photo!

♥ Abby


Ok, so those of you who read my Facebook updates inevitably know that I am hopelessly in love with Pinterest now. In fact, its a little ridiculous when you find yourself playing around on a website late at night pinning random images. But, that is neither here nor there…

I have had a ton of fun finding new craft ideas on over the last week or so, and as my “Craft Ideas” board continues to grow and grow, I thought to myself “I wonder if anyone actually DOES these crafts, or just has fun trading ideas?” So, I decided that I was going to finally start doing all of the crafts I WANT to do, using Pinterest as my inspiration (hence then name – PIN-spiration!).

A few weeks ago, on one of my most favorite blogs ever, Andrea had posted a photo of some alphabet rocks that sparked my interest in new craft ideas AND Pinterest (thank you Andrea!), so I decided it was only appropriate for that to be my first project.

Here is the Pin from Andrea:

Its been kind of a slow project for me, since I’m still trying to balance all my roles in life, but I must confess that I’m really enjoying my evening “ME” time! The rocks aren’t finished yet, but its an in-progress project that should be done in the next day or two.

(yes, that is popcorn… no, that is not part of my diet…)

I’ll be sure to post another picture as soon as my rocks are done (then, what to DO with the rocks…?) along with my next project inspiration piece.

Toddler Craft Ideas

After my last post about finger painting, I started thinking about the fun stuff that Matthew and I can probably already to together (craft wise), even at such a  young age. Besides, if I make things myself they will probably wash right out in the washing machine (or maybe we’ll have naked baby finger painting…). I’ve been having some fun on Pinterest recently and found some fun ideas to start our craft time together.

This chalk looks super easy to make & I have a feeling Matthew will enjoy scribbling on the driveway.

Finger paints! These are more gel-like finger paints, which might be a fun for Matthew since he’ll probably squish around in the paint pots rather than actually painting. Regardless, I’ll be going to Hobby Lobby soon to buy some big paper for him.

This might be something we wait for – although I’m sure he’d get a kick out of ME drawing on the bathtub and letting him mush it all over the wall! These looks pretty easy to make as well.

Ok, so this one might be more for my benefit than Matthews, but it would still be fun. Easy to combine with the finger paint day too. He just seems to be growing up so fast – including  his little hands and feet…

So, anyway, I created a board in Pinterest to start keeping track of all the fun crafts I come across that we can do together. I only have these 4 so far, but you can keep track of anything fun & new here.


I can’t wait until Matthew is old enough to enjoy arts & crafts – my mind is overflowing with ideas of all these wonderful things we can draw and paint and create together! In the meantime however my thoughts are clouded by the thought of Matthew dumping paint on the carpet or redecorating the house with markers…

I just came across this on Pinterest – I can’t create a board yet since I haven’t offically been invited to the site (lol) but hopefully I’ll properly give credit where credit is due here. Doesn’t this look like fun?!

Source: via Ayie on Pinterest