Dieting & Such

I’ve been receiving a lot of requests on specific diets and “diet templates” for the average day based on my awesome “Joseph Diet” posts earlier. This is somewhat difficult becasue no two people are the same, or enjoy the same foods, or can even tolerate certain foods (bananas for example are an excellent source of potassium, and also, in my opinion, taste like crap… so, there ya’ go…)

BUT – when I first got started I had a million questions and felt so lost and I understand that even the smallest amount of guidance is helpful. I will begin working on some dieting “templates” for all to use as they see fit, but the majority of my infomration will be posted on the R-Evolution Fitness blog (I will link directly when relevant for those who do not subscribe to that blog).

If you have specific questions, concerns or dietary restrictions that you’d like my uneducated by experienced opinion on please feel free to ask – I’m always happy to help!


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