Operation Rebuild

It seems I haven’t updated this page in quite a while!

After indulging in the holiday deliciousness and then gorging on foreign delights, I’ve consequently packed on some weight (in the most inconvenient of places, naturally).

At this very moment I’m sitting in the Taipei airport, drinking a wonderful latte and eating pastries. Not really a healthy choice, but delicious nonetheless. You see, today is the last day I’m choosing to eat this way – starting tomorrow (jet lag pending) I plan to resume my healthy eating and exercising and get back in shape before the weather is nice enough to wear mildly revealing clothing.

My new inspiration comes from Charlize Theron in all her gorgeousness:

Yes, in time I too will rock an overly provocative dress and strut my way down some faux runway. Besides, this does seem to go hand in hand with my new years resolution to wear red lipstick 🙂

More to come soon – stay tuned!!


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