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China in Summary

Well, a week later I’m finally adjusting to the normal timezone of every day life. Its a little ridiculous that its taken so long to get back into a normal schedule. However, today I’m finally finding enough energy to not only upload my photos from China, but also attempt to write this.

While reviewing my photos from the trip, I must admit that I’m a little disappointed. First, compared to the 900+ photos that I got in Singapore, my little 40 photo collection is embarrassing. Plus, there really aren’t to many photos worth sharing. As usual, all photos will be uploaded via Flickr for your viewing enjoyment, but below are those I considered “share worthy.”

Welcome sign at JK - such a fun surprise

"Smashed weed tea" - not the best photo, but memorable anyway 🙂

This is me walking around downtown Shanghai. Apparently its a "famous" shopping area but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called

View of the amazing buildings just over the river (but oh, we took the Bund tourist tunnel ride to the other side, don't worry)

This is that very impressive insurance building that I got yelled at by a man carrying a machine gun for photographing... neat building but not risk-my-life impressive

The sky was so full of smog even the sun was having a hard time coming through

That was about it for Shanghai. Unfortunately too I wasn’t in Hong Kong long enough to get ANY photos. Which is a huge bummer, because out of all the places I got to see, I really think I would have enjoyed Hong Kong.

Next stop was Taipei. After the very dramatic experience getting there, I did have one free day after a series of (very successful) meetings and did the tourist thing. The morning started with a nice walk – I figured if I walked far enough I might see something cool. Wrong. I walked in one direction for over an hour and all I found was some cool tree in a park. So I turned around. However, it was the election in Taiwan on that very day, so it was interesting to see all of the political parades, fireworks, music playing in the streets (coming from trucks just driving around for the sole purpose, I can only assume, of playing loud music for all to enjoy).

Next up was the Museum – not sure what was expected but it ended up being a massive sea of tourist groups listening to headsets and making me trip over my own feet throughout three massive floors. I will admit that seeing some of the art was interesting, but I would never recommend it as a “must-see” for anyone visiting Taipei.

National Palace Museum - Taipei

Next up was the Taipei 101 – the only building in the world to maintain the title as the worlds tallest building for five consecutive years. It sounded interesting, but the sky was so foggy it was pretty much a wasted trip unfortunately. After the obscenely long lines and paying way too much for an observatory ticket, there was really nothing to see due to the smog and bad weather. Plus they have some sort of jewelry made out of coral that they were proud of enough to take up three full floors just to put it all on display. I managed to get lost (again) trying to find my way out, got a little mad and sat down for a while to watch all the middle aged people awe over the would-be view from the 89th floor (yes, although it is in fact 101 floors, you can’t actually go to the top). Here is a photo from ground level:

This was the best shot I got from the top - but its still hard to see much.

However, despite the disappointing stops, all was not lost – the evening ended with the best meal I had during the entire trip… at a Japanese restaurant. Yes, I admit, although I thoroughly enjoy my Chinese takeout meals here at home, REAL Chinese food isn’t really that exciting or appealing to me, with the exception of one meal that I had in Taipei – but I don’t even know if that could be considered real Chinese food either. Regardless, the Japanese restaurant was amazing – I had the best tuna sashimi of my life, kimchi – which is one of my favorite things in the world (although that’s Korean, not Japanese…), some sort of beef dish that was delicious, and a number of other things that really was the perfect ending to a somewhat decent day 🙂

I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in my first trip to China. Although, I think this might be due to having a lack of “local inspiration” to guide me through & show me the best food, the best things to see, and the real non-touristy experiences that I always crave. It is inevitable that I will be traveling to China again, and have prepared myself in advance by requesting guides with those I meet with for one full day, so I hope that my next visit goes more smoothly.




An Unintentional Adventure: Hong Kong

Well, it’s now 6:30pm and I’m sitting on the floor in the Hong Kong airport…alone. To make matters worse, there is a creepy man that looks like the big teeth guy on Theres Something About Mary who keeps rubbing ointment on his fingers.

A safe is in fact a safe place, naturally. But with any safe place, you must always remember that something is stored there in the first place. After about an hours worth of metro stops and a near finished ride on the Maglev train, Robert only then realized that his passport was safely stored in the safe back in the hotel we checked out of about two hours prior. I wanted to panic at that moment, but instead found myself hiding so I could discretely laugh. For such a world traveller it really is quite amusing that he’d leave behind the one thing that couldn’t be retrieved later on. Needless to say, there were no later flights – all airlines were full from Shanghai to Hong Kong. So I went on alone so I wouldn’t miss my meeting. After a 45 minute wait in the customs line I realized that I had given all my money to Robert to exchange into HKD. So, I’m flying somewhere I’ve never been to meet a person I’ve never met, and I have no money. Fabulous!

I lucked out though – the duty free magazine had round trip Airport Express passes to Kowloon Station available – the very place I was heading. And they also accepted American Express, so double luck for me. I made it to my meeting solo, had a nice lunch with a new distributor, and headed back to the airport on schedule only to find my flight has been delayed twice now.

And that brings us to now…sitting in a terminal bored to death while constantly changing gates since Cathay Air likes to keep us guessing. Good times. Eventually I will make it to Taipei and hopefully luck is on my side again since I have no clue how I’m going to find my way to the hotel.

I’m a little sad I didn’t get to actually SEE Hong Kong. The 30 minute train ride was amazing and I can truly say that it was 10x more beautiful than anything I saw in Shanghai. China isn’t high on my repeat travel list but after a glimpse of Hong Kong I do believe I’d like to return to this area.

Tomorrow is a very important day – a big meeting that holds much possibility for us. I hope I can find someone who speaks English in Taipei who can point me in the right direction so I just might get a good nights sleep tonight. Or maybe I’ll sprawl out on the seats here in the terminal like the 5,000 others waiting for their flight.

Think happy thoughts for me as my travels continue – my passport is starting to look pretty darn cool with all these fancy stamps but it’s all useless if I can’t make it home to show off 😉